Prevents fuel problems in diesel enginesDiesel engines are also popular for private use, for example in automobiles. Diesel fuel is cheaper than petrol and in addition gives more kilometres per litre. But the fuel is actually the largest cause of engine malfunction in automobiles.


Prevents fuel problems in diesel engines

Did you know that 70 percent of all car breakdowns have to do with fuel-related problems? Blocked filters, leaking fuel lines, blockage: these are just a few examples of the problems you can encounter. This sort of damage to your car is easy to avoid. With DFC 2020 Diesel Fuel Conditioner. A small quantity the size of a small container of coffee milk (about 7-8 ml) is enough for a whole tank of diesel fuel.


Keep engine components clean

DFC 2020 keeps the engine and components clean and therefore keeps your car running without a problem. The engine power stays optimal, and you benefit from complete fuel combustion and therefore a considerable cost saving and a cleaner environment.