Examples of application

Fuel saving ships Geertruida

Between 2010 and 2011, these companies have employed a variety of measures aimed at achieving substantial fuel savings.


Results of using DFC 2020

fishing boatIt should be noted here that nothing was done on the UK-184, in order that the differences could be measured.
All the measures were implemented on the FD-291 since 2009, here they had for longer time been experimenting with fuel additives. The vessel has been using DFC 2020 diesel fuel conditioner since 2011.






Vessel                              Consumption
UK-184 Warstilla 32 -0,13%

2010 1,686,378 litres, 2011 1,684,105 litres
consumption down by 2,273 litres of diesel.


UK-382 SW-280 -14,77%

2010 1,678,932 litres, 2011 1,430,821 litres
consumption down by 24,811 litres of diesel
Cyclone-X is also used on this vessel.


FD-281 Warstilla 26 -4,01%

2010 1,438,164 litres, 2011 1,364,053 litres
consumption down by 57,752 litres of diesel.


FD-283 Warstilla 26 -10,29

2010 1,520,656 litres, 2011 1,364,053 litres
consumption down by 156,603 litres of diesel




Total fuel saving


The total consumption for 2010 is 6,324,130 litres of diesel and for 2011 5,859,391 litres of diesel. That represents a saving of 464,739 litres of diesel or 464,739 x +/- 60 cents = 278,630 euros.


The expectation is that overall 2012 will come in less expensive than 2011 and will see savings of around 15% compared to 2010. During 2012, all four vessels will go to sea the entire year with DFC-2020 added to their fuel.


K-J Koffeman