Cruise ships and Superyachts

cruiseSunny weather, deep blue sky and clear water make a trip on a cruise ship or superyacht a peak experience.


Particulate emissions can ruin the enjoyment of the passengers. To stop the particles blowing over the deck, the crew have to make sure they sail with the wind correctly from the side. The wind direction therefore still determines to course of the ship on a successful cruise. With DFC 2020 Diesel Fuel Conditioner that is no longer necessary. With a small amount of DFC 2020 in the diesel tank of a ship the injectors and pistons stay clean. The complete combustion of the fuel remains intact, hard carbon residues in the engine - the cause of particulate emissions - are absent and the exhaust produces no particulate emissions harmful to man and the environment.


The captain decides his own course in the future and the ugly smoke clouds are a thing of the past, just like dirty ships. That saves the crew a lot of cleaning work.